The key components of the success and longevity of Abramson Brothers are prime locations, moderate levels of debt, and active personal involvement in every aspect of the business.

We have followed a philosophy of keeping our buildings rented and listening with an ear close to the ground, finely attuned to the realities of the marketplace.

For over a half century, our track record of creating equity through hard work, management efficiency, intimate knowledge of the micro-dynamics of the marketplace, and attention to detail has served us well. While expenses are watched carefully, the preservation and improvement of the capital plant is a never ending pursuit.

The company negotiates and lawyers its own leases, does its own billing and collections, oversees its construction projects and supervises an ever expanding team of lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals and consultants.

We are actively seeking acquisitions, but will only do so in a situation where the valuation makes sense and the business plan is achievable. The company intends to make acquisitions using the model of operating well located, multi-tenanted buildings, and creating equity through best-in-class management, rather than financial engineering.


Product Type

  • Primary – Class B office buildings in Manhattan
  • Secondary – Multi-family residential (including rental buildings with a portion of rent regulated tenants, as well as unsold coop and condo packages); office buildings along the eastern seaboard, and special situations, where the firm can use its expertise and infrastructure to add value and drive returns.

Investment Horizon

The firm has a long-term outlook and will generally seek opportunities that would benefit from active management and stable ownership. The firm will exit investments at the optimal time, which will vary depending on real estate cycles and the execution of the business plan.